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Gaming is the Most Popular Form of Entertainment

There are many types of entertainment, but gaming is the most popular. According to the Entertainment Software Association, the gaming industry generated more revenue than television, movies, theatre, cinema, dance, animals, magic, and street performance combined. Gaming industry CEO, Edward Fox, argues that this form of entertainment represents the future of culture, as people have been captivated by gaming for decades. And, the world is dominated by American culture, which means games are a natural fit.

In 2016, streaming platforms became the most popular form of entertainment. It was estimated that over two billion people watched TV and movies in the last year, and they consumed 27 percent of their entertainment time. Other forms of entertainment, such as music and video games, followed at 18 percent and 16 percent, respectively. But, according to the survey, listening to books, playing video games, and social networking accounted for 38 percent of people’s leisure time.

Whether a performance is humorous, dramatic, or thrilling, entertainment is important for our health and well-being. There is no single form of entertainment that provides the same thrills and euphoria, but there is a wide variety of entertainment available for every taste. A concert, a movie, a sports game, or even a video game can provide hours of entertainment. However, the most popular forms of entertainment are usually something we do as a group, whether at home, on our computers, or at a bar.

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