How to Change Alexa Notification Sounds

If you’re frustrated by the default sound of your Alexa notification sounds, you can change them. Go to the Alexa App and click on Devices. Select your Echo and Alexa, and then tap Help and Feedback. You’ll find the notification sounds settings for each device. Select the volume of each sound separately. In some cases, you can adjust the volume of both devices. If not, you’ll want to make your notifications as quiet as possible.

To set the volume level, go to the “Settings” section and choose a different audio tone for each device. You can also use the “Start of Request” switch, which will emit a short audio tone when your Alexa recognizes your command. You’ll have to enable this feature on every Echo device separately, so you’ll have to configure it manually for each one. While most people can just turn on the light and wait for the tone to end, other users might not be able to hear it.

Lastly, check your devices’ activity log to make sure they’re not causing a problem. You’ll find details on when Alexa performed certain activities, including setting alarms, playing paired Bluetooth music, and setting a timer. Sometimes, your Alexa is merely mulling over the activity log and can’t figure out why it’s suddenly playing a noise. In such a case, you can find the faulty skill and ask Amazon to disable or remove it.

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