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How to Get Rid of Random Snapchat Friends

Have you ever been surprised by how many random Snapchat users are adding you? Chances are, some of these are scammers or spammers. Luckily, there is a way to get rid of these unwanted friends. Here are some ways to find out who’s adding you on Snapchat. Read on for more tips. There are two ways to get rid of random Snapchat friends. First, use the Quick Add feature to find out if you already know someone. This option uses your phone contacts and friend list to help you find someone who’s interested in you. You can also see if you have mutual friends or have similar interests.

If you do receive a message from a random Snapchat user, you can choose to ignore it or report it. However, it’s not as simple as disabling your phone number in Snapchat. It’s important to set your privacy settings, as spammers may try to get your contact details by using fake phone numbers. You should also make sure to check your email inbox regularly for spam messages. You should also be wary of fake ads. Those ads often don’t offer any real value. You can choose to block these ads.

Another way to find random Snapchat friends is to use 3rd-party websites. You can enter a name into the “Quick Add” search box and find any Snapchat user you want. You can also search your contact list by entering any name in the text field. Alternatively, you can also use the Quick Add feature to search for your friends. This is especially useful if you want to add people you know. The quick add feature is very useful in finding random friends on Snapchat.

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