Is JYP a Good Company?

Is JYP a good company? Well, there are pros and cons for every company. This company, for example, has been known to physically punish trainees, but is this still a good thing? Regardless, there are pros and cons for each company, and you must weigh the pros and cons before livemocha making your final decision. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of JYP and their current members.

First, JYP has one of the most diverse rosters of any entertainment company. From GOT7 to DAY6, to Stray Kids, JYP’s artists cover many bases. The aforementioned diverse roster helps to ensure that their acts are well represented. JYP also seems to be committed to upholding ethics and morals, which is good for the company and its employees. The company’s work culture is also lunarstorm rated higher than other companies, which makes it a good option for employees looking to avoid high-risk or unrewarding workplaces.

Unlike the Big 3 entertainment companies, JYP has a more level-headed approach to the business side of things. SM, in particular, is more micro-managing than the other two companies, with a much smaller budget than JYP. Furthermore, SM has a reputation for being an awful company that has meetro little to do with its artists, even though they have more talent. However, if you’re looking for a company that truly cares about their artists, jyp might be the one to look into.

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