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Is Snapchat Safe For Kids?

You’ve probably asked yourself, is Snapchat safe for kids? The short answer is yes. As long as you’re at least 13 years old, the app is completely safe. Snapchat requires you to enter your birth date, but otherwise it doesn’t require age verification. However, Common Sense Media rates Snapchat as “Ok” for kids, ages 13 to 16, because of age-inappropriate content and quizzes. Despite these problems, Snapchat remains a popular social networking service for teens.

As with any social network, it is important to know how to keep your children safe. Snapchat’s privacy settings are particularly vulnerable to misuse. By default, the app only lets friends and groups view snaps, but a child can turn off the feature without parental approval. It’s best to talk to your child before allowing him or her to access inappropriate or edgy content. You should also limit your child’s activity on the app.

Parents should be especially careful about allowing their children to use Snapchat, as it does not require age verification. Youngsters can easily misrepresent their age to register for the service. While Snapchat does offer some parental controls, there’s still no way to be 100% sure that your child isn’t using it inappropriately. If you allow Snapchat for your children, keep an eye on their personality, maturity level, and social circle. Children using social media can make connections with people who are deceptive and misuse the service.

While Snapchat is notorious for being a safe messaging app, there are also a few other risks. Because messages on Snapchat disappear after a certain time, Snapchat cannot control who views your photos. This means that if someone screenshots your photos, you can’t tell whether they took the screenshot with your phone or a different one. In addition, there’s no way to prevent someone from sending your images to someone else’s followers.

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