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Small Bathroom Ideas 2021

In a smaller space, it’s important to make the most of vertical space, and that means incorporating clever storage ideas into the design. A multifunctional leaning ladder, for example, can replace a traditional wall-mounted towel rack. Or, consider a sleek hanging rail system to save sink space. Small bathroom ideas 2021 include using a contrasting color for the walls and floor to make the room appear larger and more luxurious.

Another simple way to add storage space is to install under-sink cabinets. This is a good time to add storage space, and you can even paint an old chest of drawers white to turn it into a vanity unit. Using two colors in your bathroom design can also be effective, and a dark color can make a small bathroom feel larger. Also, a bright and airy vanity can help give a bathroom a more spacious feel.

Use bright paint to add a pop of color, and consider wall décor. A geometric design is an excellent way to bring color to an otherwise dull room. Walls near the shower and bathtub can be covered with mosaic tile to create an eclectic look. A charming cottage in Scotland showcases a playful wallpaper. The owner propped a piece of art above the toilet tank and leaning it against the wall is a perfect choice for a small bathroom.

While you’re on a budget, you should be mindful of interior myths. While some bathroom ideas are limited by space, they still look beautiful. Consider installing a tile or two in a bathroom to make it look bigger. Using tiles that reflect light will also help. Make sure to install a good lighting system. If your bathroom is too small to accommodate large fixtures, consider a curved mirror instead of a round one.

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